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A box of the Men's Facial in a Box (3 Set) by sfglow
The six steps of the Men's Facial in a Box by sfglow

6 step facial kit

Men's Facial (3 set)
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Skincare for men

A complete skincare routine for the man who wants to give a little time to themselves. Easy to follow and simple instructions to achieve your best skin.


Easy to follow, immediate results, simple process, effective skin care, three full treatments in one box.

Included: 3 Facial Treatments

The Unfinished Business
because skin care is an on going affair..

Each Facial Includes 6 Steps:

STEP1. Cleanser

Clean skin to prep for treatment.

STEP2. Peel off mask

Liquid mask solidifies on the skin to trap dirt and impurities, then peels them away during removal leaving your pores open and clean.

STEP3. Clarifying Toner

Shrinks pores and gently evens skin tone.

STEP4. Charcoal Sheet Mask)

Purifies skin and detoxifies with charcoal powder extracts.

STEP5. Eye Cream

Banish dark circles and moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes.

STEP6. All-in-1 Cream

Moisturize and seal in all the nutrients that were just delivered to the skin to seal the deal.




Charcoal powder to detox and purify.

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil to cool and stimulate the senses.

Green Tea Extracts to hydrate and aid in detoxing.


sf is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan. We pride ourselves in our clean formulas and natural ingredients, providing you the best in clean skincare.



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