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Peeling So Good

BerryGood - 7 Day Pack
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Mega Exfoliation!

Not only will this Peeling Pads make your skin super soft and smooth, but it also deeply cleanses the skin! This all-in-one exfoliator and cleanser peels off dead skin and removes makeup residue to control excess oil and dirt on the skin.


Strawberry to fight oils and lighten, Blueberry to help you achieve your brightest glow, and Raspberry to smooth wrinkles and clear dark spots.

Size: 7 Peeling Pads, a one week supply! | NET 7ml (0.24oz)

Peel, Glow, Repeat!
Peeling So Good - Peeling Pads exfoliate and clean skin.


Simply rub on your skin and like magic, makeup residue, dead skin and dirt comes off. Wash off and you're left with extra clean and smooth skin!


Remove years-old impurities to reveal glowing and purified skin instantly.


Made with Natural Cellulose, mild enough to use everyday that can do wonders as part of your skin care routine.


Packed with various berry extracts that firm and protect skin from premature aging. Keeps skin smooth and supple, thanks to all the vitamin C they contain.


Glow creator, facial exfoliator and cleanser, simple and easy to use, safe for everyday skincare.


Rub onto the face and watch your dead skin lift away like magic leaving your skin soft, smooth, and clean. Safe to use in your everyday skincare routine!


sf is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan. We pride ourselves in our clean formulas and natural ingredients, providing you the best in clean beauty.



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