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Who we are

Skincare shouldn’t be a chore! We are on a mission to make you WANT to take care of your skin each and every day; so all of our products are created to be fun and super easy. We can go on and on about being completely clean, 100% cruelty-free, and vegan because that’s honestly what we are most proud of. But why not take these values and create skincare routines you actually love doing?

Based in New York and made in Korea, we pride ourselves in embodying the best in both innovation and trendiness.

SF is Skin Care Simplified. 

The Brand

Taking a trip down to memory lane, SF was created by Voesh co-founders Vera Oh and Joseph Choi, The Creator of Single-Use Spa, who've been leading the spa industry since 2013. Inspired by their successful single-use system, SF was born in-house at Voesh HQ, Long Island, NY.




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